You’re Invited to Design the Future of the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex! The First of Six Community Meetings

Screenshot 2019-06-22 16.32.38.png

We are at an exciting time for our neighborhood: the commencement of a rare Master Plan to redesign the Silver Lake Reservoirs Complex! What would you like this space to be? Now is the time to make your voice heard.

As you know, the Reservoirs Complex contains the large, deep Silver Lake Reservoir, the much smaller Ivanhoe Reservoir, and also 25 acres of land behind barbed-wire fences. In 2017, the reservoirs were retired from service. Now, the City of LA is asking all of us: what would you like the space to become?

We have ideas. Like more walking trails, much more green space, fewer fences, wetlands for wildlife and anything else that aligns with our values of access, beauty, and conservation.

The formal invitation from the City of Los Angeles for this meeting is here:

We can’t wait to see you on Thursday. The future is waiting to be invented!